We Play Paycheck to Billionaire Almost Every Night

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Hi you guys i just got this game and i really am excited to show this to my kids this is a brand new game called paycheck to billionaire and i have not played it yet i have three kids and so i'm super excited to introduce this to them and to play for the first time 

so we love playing games at our house and one of our favorites is monopoly so i am excited to see the difference between monopoly and this game and to really kind of compare and contrast the two games

i'm going to open this up and show you all the pieces this game ended up being so fun for us to play together my kids ages are 8 10 and 12 so we helped my eight -year -old a little bit but i think after playing just one time he caught on very quickly so the first thing that i really noticed about the game is that it is just full of cups all these three cups invented el vielgyers you can see that they three cups are very Ma cima color so the board is colorful the pieces are colorful the cards are colorful the money i love the money because it's the same size as american money um and it's just the quality of all of the cards the board the pieces and the money the quality is all really really nice so you start by giving everybody a certain amount of money a certain amount of cards and then you just start playing last one standing  

everybody else is going to go bankrupt and if you still have money and if you still have properties and investments then you are the winner so i think that is probably the biggest similarity between this game paycheck to billionaire and monopoly is that you are trying to be the last person with money so there's a lot of educational aspects to this game it kind of taught kids about car insurance about medical insurance about how easy it can be if you own a business to gain or lose money within that and there are some aspects in the game that have to do with working together so i liked that part of it too my 12 year old actually at one point says wow this game is really fun so we did all very much enjoy the game 

we had to read through the directions two times to make sure that we got all of the rules that we got everything down and that we played the game how it was meant to be played but after we got down the directions it went very smoothly and um it was a little bit of a quick moving game which really really held the interest of all my kids my thoughts on this game is it is a really really good tool for my kids to learn just a little bit about the real life and how every time you get a paycheck there are always bills that come from that so for example 

Everybody's paycheck in this game is $500, but then you have to deduct your medical insurance, you have to deduct money from owning a car, from having babies. And there are other aspects, other bills that either add to your paycheck or deduct from your paycheck. 

And so it's a really good real life experience. I can tell that this game is definitely going to move towards the top of our list as a favorite of ours. We play games almost every night together. 

So I am excited for the kids to learn this a little bit better and understand it a little bit better from a real life perspective. 

And I definitely highly recommend this game. We'll see you next time.