Recommend Paycheck to Billionaire for Anyone Any Family

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



Time to read 3 min

My family. We're always on the hunt for a new game. We're always excited to try something new. So we have this game, it's called paycheck to Billionaire. Can you see that? Ok. It, cleaning yet. But the premise looks very similar to something like monopoly or life where you are going through life events and you are making decisions like financial decisions and gaining or losing because of that. 

So I think that's gonna be really cool. And I opened up, I'll, I, I'm looking at the pieces. So it says it's for ages 8 to 99. So that'll put most of my kiddos and I know it's my, me and my husband.  So here are some instructions for this. It's got a game. 

There you go. Here's your game board. And the first thing I actually saw when I opened it up were all these little green arrow tokens in here, which that's my favorite color. So I got excited about that. There are also little stop tokens and some dyes. 

So I'm curious to see how those all work together. There's money, they tipped it. Here we go. You got, yeah, money. It's ones, fives twenties, 105 hundreds is what I'm seeing that and then you have some different cards so we can take. So here are event cards and just real quickly I'm seeing. 

Ok. So you get to choose a player to show you the doctor, show you their hand. Here's a check for $200. You have childcare subsidy. So those are good things. Let's see. Oh, pet. you can play, it looks like you can play this on another player. 

A pet expense and they have to pay $50. So there. And then there's like mutual funds benefit, insurance, benefit, driver's license, like or licenses and things. So all sorts of different things that you might encounter in adult life. Well, that's pretty cool. And then there's another set of cards here. 

These look like they're called venture cards Let me, let's see. What else that up now here are car cards. Oh, like car expenses, upkeep. These ones are like, movie studio investment. Tropical farms, like all sorts of things that you might encounter throughout life and then things like swapping cards. 

Oh, changing spots on the board, a helicopter to fly to any space. So different things, actions that you can take in your turn there. So that looks cool. And what else? These look like? Our player tokens? They're pretty cool. Let me see if I can pull them out and show it to you. I'm done. 

You see Annabelle? It's kind of cool. It's like a pyramid and different colors in here. So it's up to six players, I believe 2 to 6 players says it takes about 30 minutes to play and only 10 minutes to learn. So, it's a family friendly finance game and I am gonna get my family together tonight and see if we can figure out how to play it. It should be really fun. 

Yeah. Ok. I just landed on the house. I am flying to the Denver ski resort. Owns that one yet. Ok. Yes, there I have 70% off Black Friday card. So, and 60 and I get it. All right. Ok. Ok, because better 12 or three days. All right. And ok, that's over here. Oh, sorry, it's $25. You get a good, my ski resort unless you put an email. Ok. 

Did you have a card to claim? What card? Oh, holiday sales place a stop sign to on any venture space of your choice? Get at all. Ok, then let's stop San on the whole way around until they turn it down. That one. No. Did that before the round or, but it doesn't matter. All right. What does she do? you owe me $30. Not so bad. There's 40 you can come back. 

I'm playing this card. Yeah, for that you want with that card? I know like $200. For car maintenance. Pay to the bank or? Yeah. No, got you. My hair is I get to choose if I roll one or two nice things out a car, I think. Yeah. Well, it doesn't matter because I'm stop. Well, actually if you, one or two you don't have to stop, don't try to roll out one or two. I don't wanna roll up. Two. Yes. Seven, three a, ok. Girl. 

And if you're turning inside too, I know this. He the, I, you have to play on a level. 2, 240. I don't have that then. Ok. So we're gonna have to sell something. How much money do you have? And I'll let you out. We had a lot of fun playing this game. It uh really was quick to learn and it's great for most, any age. 

It's a good financial math. And my youngest girls had fun just counting up their money and just trying to figure out how much money they needed for something, how much they had to spend. So that was really fun. And then my older daughter, she got into the strategy of it quite a bit as well. So I would recommend this game for anyone, any family that likes to play games. It was great.