Paycheck to Billionaire is a way better version of Monopoly that actually teaches life skills

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Did I give you the car? Yeah, but I give you $100 so you don't need to pay me back. No, I don't. It costs $100. The down payment is $100. Every time you pass start, it's going to be $60. But all of them are the $100 first. Sorry about that. You're good. I'll take this red dice. Okay, go for it. Five, six, seven, eight. six, seven, eight, nine, wait, 10. Fourteen. Fourteen. Ooh. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Ooh, Chicago pizza, nobody owns that one yet. 

I shall buy it. All right, so 160 bucks. Okay. Can I just give you $200? Yes, do you want it? Go. All right, guys, we are loving this game, Paycheck to Billionaire. It's basically an upgraded, way better version of Monopoly that's actually going to teach life skills, math, investment, understanding real life scenarios such as medical bills and vacations and how all those things cost money. And it's kind of, you choose how you wanna live your life. 

So it's a really awesome game. I'm gonna teach all the kids a lot about money and how to handle it. So like I said, it's similar to like a Monopoly style game where you land on these ventures and you have the opportunity to invest and kind of own these ventures and then you can upgrade. And that's what these are. 

These are upgrades. And as other people land on them, then they will will um have to pay you certain fees to use your resources and things there's a lot of cool twists and different cards um that are going to do different things for you throughout the game so we are loving this game and we think you guys are gonna love it too so fun .