It has a lot of fun playing MapGoMap

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Hey guys, I'm going to show you this MapGoMap. It has 52 state cards and each state card is going to have a region such as this. So obviously the red cards, green card labels, yellow, blue and purple. So there are 50 of the state cards cause 50 you know, states, but then there's an extra which is Washington DC and then there's Puerto Rico. 

So I of these, what you do is you match up the different states. I thought this was pretty cool because it kind of teaches you what states are in what region. So kind of like what is gonna be near each one, but on top of that, it also has the um it has the capital, state capital. So Texas Austin, you've got Connecticut Hartford, so you can kind of pair them all together. So you've got 52 cards. 

You've got some stop cards which each we play to stop the previous map card and place any map card after. So, and then you've got your little boards with your directions on how to play. So the directions are very very simple. Your goal is to be the first player to get rid of all of their cards. And you deal it out, it says everything here. It's very simple. 

The best way to kind of describe it is it's like a kind of like a matching game almost. So you matching the colors, or the States depending on what you have. And from there, you finish a region and then you also, you can play a stop card to start a different region of your map. which is kind of like a wild card like in UNO to change the color. 

And yeah, so you're just trying to get rid of all your cards. So it's really simple. It's gonna be fun to play. I thought it'd be perfect for her because she's going to have to have a map test this year um for the States capitals and locations. So it kind of gives her an idea of the region. So anyway, it's pretty simple and I'm gonna show you a little bit of how to play it. All right. So to play the game, you can play 2 to 4 players, you could probably play a little bit more if you want, depending on what you're going for. 

I went ahead and dealt all all the cards except for Washington DC and Puerto Rico. And so that means her and I both have 25 cards. And as you can see, it's just kind of a wide variety, organize your cards, however you want your basic, what you're gonna do is you've got your little plate in front of you so you can see what each region is and how many are in each. and you're just gonna place your map cards on the table, to match them up. So, for example, you're gonna like, if I play a red one, then she has to play a red one and it goes like that and of course, if she doesn't have a red one, then she can either pass it and I can play again or she can play her stop card, which then she gets to change the color. 

So the region that we're playing in, So it's kind of like a matching game. It's pretty cool. We're gonna play a little bit and show you kind of how it works. All right, she's all organized. I'm all organized. I went ahead and did it by color and now we are going to play. oh, also another thing is, is that it says the cards that it borders, which is kind of what you going for. So, for example, like if I play the Maryland card, it does say that Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC, Virginia and West Virginia are all of its borders. 

So if I play that, she's got to play any of those that are labeled purples. You play one of those? All right. So she plays Massachusetts, which says New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island in Connecticut. And so I have to play one of those. I have New York and that's just how it kind of plays. And then if one of us gets stuck, we say pass or like I said, you play the stop card and the object is to get rid of all of your cards in the end. So, it's pretty simple. 

I think it's gonna be a lot of fun for her to just kind of know where the different areas are. and yeah, it's gonna be a great game.