This is kind of a fun game. It's called MapGoMap

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I will say too that there's probably a lot of different ways that you can actually play this. So you could probably use these as flash cards. 

You could pull up a card and try to be the first one to find it on the map or, you know, there's all kinds of variations and, it really is just a really, really fun, quick educational game. that'll be awesome for you to play with your kids. Ok. So I'm pretty excited. We're doing some cross country road trips this summer with the kids and I just thought it would be really, really cool if they had a better understanding of the United States and what States are where. 

So that as we're driving across, we can say, hey, we're in Kansas and they might have a clue as to where we are and how big that state is and things like that anyway. So this is kind of a fun game. It's called MapGoMap. It's really quick to learn how to play, um, younger kids. They're gonna have a hard time with this one. But that being said, we just played a game with my five year old and just kind of use the letters, to help her figure it out. so she doesn't understand exactly what we're doing as much as say, the older ones do. 

But it, I even then she was able to play with us with some help. So I will say the box is excellent quality. It's a nice sturdy box. I love that. It's got these little tabs so that you can pull the lid straight up and then let me show you this. So the most that can play is four players. So you can have anywhere from 2 to 4 players. 

And then there are these everybody gets one map card and this is really helpful because even me, I don't have all the states memorized as well as I should. So this is really, really awesome. It has a map of the US and it's got the initials for each of the States. Some of them are kind of small. They're just kind of penciled in on the side. The only card that we have, which I don't quite understand this one as well is Puerto Rico and that one's not labeled on here. 

It's the only one, but it does say if you go to the instructions online, it says there are three cards that don't have any neighbors. Alaska Hawaii and Puerto Rico. And so those ones, it, it explains online kind of how to do those. 

So these, I wanna show you just how thick this card is. Like, it's not gonna get bent unless a child is purposely bending it. It's really, really good quality. The other awesome thing is the instructions on the back. So you're not gonna lose the instructions. They come on, this card tells you how to play. That's how fast you can learn because it fits right there. So really, really awesome. And then I'll show you the cards. 

The other thing I, I really like, let me show you this again is that the map is divided by colors. So that also helped my five year old. We could say, hey, do you have a blue whatever , right? And then she could look for that. So they have the colors on here. That can be kind of a trigger for your memory as well as for helping the the kids find the right card and then your cards are color coded. So you've got purple and red and blue and yellow and, and green I think is the other one. Yeah, green. So really, really fun um good quality educational game. If you're a homeschooler, this is probably a must. 

If you're doing a road trip, I just think it's kind of fun for the kids to learn about where the states are. And I will say we finished our game and my kids were like, can we please play again. So they had a good time and the more that you play it, the more it's gonna be ingrained. So our, our first game we just finished and we were all pretty slow on figuring out where, where is this and where is this? But I imagine that the more you play, the faster you're able to find, excuse me, I gotta sneeze the faster you're able to find each of the cards and whether you're beside it or not. So, really, really fun, good quality game.

And I love that. It comes in a nice, awesome box, right? This little DC arrow right there. All right. That's good. Yes, I've only got red cards left. Hazel, your turn. Do you have anything purple? Like C T Connecticut? Ok. Let's, oh, I'm close, but I gotta pass too. Yeah, actually Cohen, I think everybody passed. So you get to play either one of those since everybody else passed. I left. Which one? Ok. Maine M E oo. He picked the top one. So C C U Hazel. No, but you only got red cards left. Ok. H inc A, I'm sure. New Hampshire. Oh, I'm so close but I gotta pass. Oh, come the winner. 

Nicely done. Oh, good game.