MapGoMap, this is an awesome game for families.

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Hey, I wanna show you this game. This is an awesome game, sorry, awesome game for families, especially with kids that wanna learn or actually really anyone who wants to learn the States, the United States, the different States and what they border and stuff. 

Here it is, it comes in this nice little box just like this and we are playing it so you can kind of see um it is up to 2 to 4 players, it can take five minutes, 10 minutes, it's really quick and easy and fun. and it will help you learn your States. So it's kind of cool. they are really good quality cars. 

I mean, I'm just, I really like them and it's gonna be really fun to play, pretty much anywhere because it's so easy and it doesn't take a lot to learn. my girls as you can see, they're pretty young but they can play it. and you, the older you get, you can play too, it doesn't really matter there. It's 6 to 99 age. 

So it's super fun. Is it my turn? It's your turn? Oh, it's my turn to look at that. Ok. My, your turn have been.