MapGoMap, super duper quick map memory game

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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All right guys, today, we have this super fun game called MapGoMap. 

This is a really awesome tool for learning the United States map, super duper quick. It's a really great memorization game to learn the location of all the states in our country. 

And so you can see here there are these really cool um cards and this plays 2 to 4 players. And so each player has a map for reference to know where all the states are. They get a stop card, um which is part of the game kind of like a free play card. And then you have 52 map cards. 

So these, each one is a different state in the country. So it's a super fun game that you're just playing to learn location.And then really just it's for fast memorization. So my son here is going into sixth grade last year and then into this year is really when they start really digging into the States and learning locations. 

And this is a really great tool for some memorization. So it just kind of makes it fun through play. And so these cards are great. They're super heavy. I don't if you can see how thick that is, but, a very heavy duty cards, it's not flimsy. You're gonna get, you know, beat up. So those are gonna be withstand a lot of play and use. And then this is just very similar to like a card of deck or a deck of cards. 

So very simply you just deal the cards half the deck and then you can go and we're just gonna play the game. So MapGoMap is the world's fastest map memory game. 

Definitely go check this out for lots of fun with your kids. Enjoy.