MapGoMap is the world’s fasted map learning game

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Hi, this is our review of the MapGoMap memory card game. It's the world's fastest memory map game. 

So it is great for kids that are just starting um to learn their States.really educational for them also just a really fun game as you get older as well too. So it says for ages 6 to 99. lots of fun though, you can do 2 to 4 players.

There's different rules if you do a different amount of players. and it takes about five minutes to play through a whole game. So super fun and quick, especially for the younger doesn't lose their interest too quickly or anything. So it comes with these board map cards. So yeah, it has all the states like you said.and then it has the rules actually back here on the back. So you pass these out to each player. like I said, you can do 2 to 4 players, but it has the regions, the different states and then all the rules.So super handy little guide. Thank you. 

And then it has all the cards come down in here and they are, yeah, they're red, blue, kind of this gold color and then, green and purple and it, correlates with all the different, it might be violent.Yeah. It correlates with all the, the regions on the map. Each player gets the map card. and the youngest player will go first after the cards are passed here I'll give you a few. And then what they do is they place their card down here, it's in the middle of the pile and then the next person has to play a state that actually borders that state.

So on the card, it shows the state that it is and it shows the bordering states as well. So super easy for them to learn geography. There's also these stop cards to.So you can either place the card that actually borders the state or you can pass or if you have a stop card, you can, yeah, you can place some of the stop cards and then play any card you want to.So, and then the next person has to play the bordering state. 

So super easy, not complicated at all, but just a really a great way to help kids learn geography, learn their regions, learn their state.And then also a good refresher as you get older as well too. Because honestly, you kind of forget sometimes when you're not in school anymore. 

It's a fun little game, great for the whole family, great for all ages and we would highly recommend it.It also makes a great gift as well too. Thanks.