MapGoMap is something that is exciting.

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Hi, today, I am so excited to show this game to you guys. This is MapGoMap . It is something that is exciting. It is fun for the kids and adults to play. 

It's going to help them learn about their states where their states are the abbreviations. Things like that and this is designed made by 11 year old kids in the US. So they just wanted to make learning fun and I think they definitely achieved that. This is for ages 6 to 99 and you can have 2 to 4 players. It comes with four maps that each player can get. So that way they can just look at the overall map, they have that in front of them all the time. 

It is getting stuck in their brain, everybody gets a stop card. These are the cards that everybody's gonna get and they are five different colors just depending on what region of the country you're in. 

So here is the red and it's going to show you what state this card resembles. It shows you the name and the abbreviation. So the kids are able to look at the card and see if they have any of these state cards that are around this state that is down on the ground or on the, on the table. 

And if they do say Ida Idaho and ID is gonna be right there. So they're gonna put this on top of it and the next player gets to go and they're gonna look at their cards and see if it matches any of those, if so they get to lay down and then move to the next, if not, they can skip and kind of lose their turn. or they can do the stop and redo the state that you guys are trying to aim for. 

This just gets the States constantly. talked about in their head in front of their face. It shows where they are what's around them after playing this for 5 to 10 times, I bet you are going to get this down pat. Getting states, getting abbreviations, what's around them all in your head. 

It's really easy to learn. It's really fun. And even if we ask our two, our four year old and with this game, then we can just go ahead and tell him to match whatever car is down with the color and then that way he can join along and we can continue playing the game and learning if you were looking for a fun game that is really gonna get kids excited to play something easy and not gonna be painful. To learn. 

This one is your best bet.