MapGoMap is so easy to learn, so much fun

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



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Hey guys, I wanted to show you guys this new game that my kids and I have been enjoying for the last couple of days. It's called MapGoMap. 

And it is so easy to learn, so much fun. It was created by an 11 year old to learn map skills and my kids don't even know that they're learning when we're playing this game. 

It's easy enough for a six year old to play and it's enough fun that really anyone can play. I really enjoy playing it with my kids. It comes with 52 map cards, four of these boards for reference so that it's easy to use. And then a couple of these stop cards that are used in the game. So we're gonna play a couple of hands so you guys can see just how fun this is. 

But I'm telling you right now, moms, dads, this is an amazing game and my kids are already learning where the States are on the map. All right. So to start the game, everybody, you deal out the entire deck of cards. Then the youngest person starts. so Joey, that's, you go ahead and lay down a card. All right. So he played Nevada. So, what the name of the game is, is the next person in line has to lay down a card of a state that borders Nevada. 

They're nice and color coded. So it's easy to kind of tell where kind of where you're looking on the map. They also list out the states so you can read them, to know which state border, the stop cards that everyone gets are used when no one can go or when you wanna change it up and you wanna stop the order that you're going in. 

Now, you can, lay down a stop card and then lay down whatever, card you want. Maybe you're in the wrong region of the map and you don't have any more there. You wanna turn it around, you can go ahead and do that. Like I said, these cards, everyone gets one of these cards so you can use it as a reference to help find what state is on there and then what states are around it. So, we're gonna play a little bit so watch us play. 

All right. Throw something that borders Nevada. All. You're right. OK. Of passing. All right. And you up. Ok. That's, I'm gonna have to pass. All right. OK. I'm just one down. All right, Joe, you're up Idaho Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska. Colorado or Utah? Oh, ok. All right. 

So there you saw us play a hand. It's really fun. My kids really enjoy it and like I said, they are learning along the way. So I hope you guys enjoy , this MapGoMap game just as much as we do. Thanks.