I wanted to share this really fun game with you. It's called MapGoMap.

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Hi guys, I wanted to come on today and share this really fun game with you. It's called MapGoMap and this is the world's fastest map memory game. 

So this is for the United States. And if you see it's very colorful, it's made with really nice sturdy materials that are going to last a long time, which is great, especially if you're playing with kids. So each player would get one of these maps of the US. And as you can see, they're kind of broken up into regions. So the key here is your to learn which states border each other. So that's kind of what the color coding is. So like if I see Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana are gonna be the same color as Idaho because they border each other. So the object of this game is to use up all of the cards in your hand. It does come with a card for each state. 

If you notice the cards here, I'm going to pull out South Dakota at the top. It lists the states that border it and then it shows it in a map and it's fun. It even shows the state capital and as you can see the little pictures like it shows Mount Rushmore, it shows cowboys, just kind of different things that are found in that state. So very fun. So what you would do is you would take the cards and you would hand them out. So let's say you're playing with just two people, you would split them evenly between the two. 

And , if I were to put down South Dakota, the other player would need to either find a card , of one of the states that borders South Dakota to put that down. So that is really fun because that's teaching them, OK, I know that North Dakota borders South Dakota or whatever it is that they have in their hand.  They could also choose to pass if they don't have a state that orders or they can put a stop card, each person only gets one stop card. And if they do that, then they, then they can place whichever new card they want to kind of begin the process over. 

So this is just so great because it's very quick to learn the rules for this game. It's not hard. And then as you're playing, you're going to start learning the geography of the United States where the different States are even their capitals. Because every time you look at the card, you'll see the state capital.  some things that that state is famous for So I think this is a really amazing game to teach geography. we're getting ready to travel and I'm going to take these with us because as we're traveling through different states, we're taking a road trip. 

I think it'll be fun for my kids to be playing this. And as we enter different states, they will have already played a card, you know, so they will know the capital of that state. They'll know what states are bordering it, even what state we're heading into because they know the bordering states. So this is a really great game. an amazing way even to supplement an education when it comes to history and geography.  and they'll be playing a game not realizing they're being educated as they're doing it so much fun. 

I love that it doesn't involve any screens, screen free time, but still a lot of learning.  going on. So a really, really fun game that I think you should check out. I know my kids and I will enjoy playing it a lot. Thank you so much for watching.