How to Play

Car Ownership Rule

During the game, players can choose to buy a car at any time. After purchasing a car, the owner must pay a predetermined fee, indicated in the top right corner of the car card, whenever they pass or land on the START space. Owning a car provides strategic flexibility, allowing players to roll either one or two dice for their move, enhancing their ability to navigate the board effectively.

Medical Insurance Rule

Players have the option to purchase medical insurance at any stage of the game. Upon acquiring a medical insurance plan, they are obliged to pay a set fee, detailed in the top right corner of the insurance card, each time they pass or land on the START space. Holding Medical Insurance grants players a discount on hospital expenses, with the discount magnitude specified on the card.

Recurring Expenses Rule

Within the Event Cards Pile, players will find a variety of Recurring Expense cards, easily identifiable by their red color. The specific recurring expense amount is printed in the top right corner of each card. A player has the option to apply a Recurring Expense card to any participant in the game. Recipients of a Recurring Expense card are then obligated to pay the designated amount every time they pass or land on the START space.


Players may deploy a STOP SIGN on any space throughout the game by utilizing Event Cards or Shop Cards. Should a player's dice roll direct their token to pass or land on a space marked with a STOP SIGN, they must halt and remain on that designated space.

Upgrade and Downgrade

If a player lands on a venture they own, they have the option to pay the specified upgrade cost to enhance that venture. Additionally, players can apply an upgrade card to improve any venture they own anywhere on the board. Conversely, a downgrade card can be used to reduce the level of any previously upgraded venture on the map.

Read a Venture Card

For any venture, the cost to initially invest and subsequently upgrade is identical, as stated in the center of the venture card. The fees for different levels, shown on the card as Bill, are what other players must pay when they land on or are stopped at this venture space. If a player wishes to sell a venture, the Bank is ready to purchase it at its Net Asset value, which fluctuates based on the venture's current level.

Helicopter Ticket

A player may use a helicopter ticket to travel to any space on the board. If they land on the START space using the ticket, they are entitled to collect $500 in income, subtract any recurring expenses, and add any recurring income.

Card Shop

When a player lands on the Card Shop space, they have the option to spend $100 to draw the top card from the Shop Cards pile. After utilizing a Shop Card, it must be returned to the bottom of the Shop Cards pile.

Additional Game Rules

  • During their turn, a player is limited to using just one card, which can be either an Event Card or a Shop Card.
  • Cards must be activated prior to rolling the dice.
  • After a card has been used, it must be returned to the bottom of its respective card pile.
  • Ventures may be sold to the Bank at the listed net value price or to other players at a mutually agreed-upon price.