How to play Paycheck to Billionaire

Written by: Venture Catcher Studio



Time to read 1 min

Start by putting the game board in the middle of the table.

Shuffle the Event and Shop Cards and put them in their spots on the board.

Every player picks an Eye of Providence token and places it at the START space.

Each player gets $500 paycheck and then picks five Event Cards but keeps them a secret by placing them face down.

During the game, you can choose a car and a medical insurance card, but once you choose, you can't change them.

Having a car allows a player the option to roll one die or two dice on their turn.
If you land on an unowned Venture, you can pay the designated amount to own it by taking its Venture Card.

Next time you land on your Venture, you can pay the same amount to upgrade by adding an upgrade token.

If you land on someone else's Venture, you have to pay the bill based on its level.

You can sell your Venture on your turn to the bank at the net asset price or at the negotiated price to another player.

If you land on an Event Card space, take the top card from the Event Card pile.

If you land on the Card Shop space, pay 100 dollar and take the top card from the Card Shop pile.

But remember, you can only use one card per turn, and you have to use it before you roll the dice.

If you get a recurring card, keep it out so you remember to pay or gain.

Every time you pass or land on START, you get $500 but also have to pay any recurring costs and add any recurring income.

Used cards go to the bottom of their pile, except for recurring cards, which stay in front of you.
If you land on helicopter space or use a helicopter card, you can go to any space on the board. Landing on START by helicopter gets you a paycheck.
Landing on the Hospital space means paying a 2000-dollar bill, but if you have insurance, it costs less.
Use a Stop Sign card to place a stop token on any space. The first player who pass or land there has to stop at the space.
You can use upgrade and downgrade cards on any Venture to add an upgrade token or remove an upgrade token.
A venture could upgrade up to level 5.